New border policy could see Sweden distance itself from Denmark in crucial economic matters.


Friday, 08 July 2011
When Denmark decided to come up with a new border controls on the Swedish crossing from Denmark, many Swedish officials saw this not only as an insult to the Swedish management and free movement of goods and services, but also as mistrust and disrespect by the Danes.

As such these officials have called on the Swedish government to keep its distance from the Danes as much as possible. That the Swedish government should its foot down against Denmark and in clear terms to distance itself from the new Danish border policy.

The call comes from the CEOs of Swedish Chambers of Commerce, of Southern Sweden, Stockholm and West Sweden a few days after the first 50 out of 98 extra Danish customs officers began checking cars at the borders with Germany and Sweden.

In an opinion piece in the Swedish daily, Svenska Dagbladet, Stephan M�chler, Maria Rankka and Johan trouv� call on the Swedish government in Stockholm, to once and for all make clear that Sweden stands for free people and goods movement - at least in the EU and the Nordic.

They point out that Danish controls at �resund Bridge are carried out on Swedish soil.
“All this is contrary to the Schengen agreement and the Nordic passport union,” they write and point out that, while the German political and business classes have reacted strongly to the action of the Danish Government,  pushed through by the radical Danish People's Party and Christian Democrats, Sweden has not been napping.

They criticize the Swedish government to be acting in the opposite of the Germans and instead choose to participate in a blind faith that the Danish customs control is the same as what Sweden already has.
 “The Swedish government has probably not really read the agreement with the Danish People's Party, which then is what the Danish government is now committed to implementing.”

“But there are big differences. Swedish Customs has, among other things, a long, external EU border to handle, it is not Denmark. Swedish customs behaviour within the Schengen area has no border, but a customs inspection of goods that can be done across the country and only in connection with a concrete suspicion,” write the three officials.

Therefore they want answers from Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt's government on whether it shares the Danish Government's view that there is increased crime and illegal immigration to Denmark from Sweden.

Otherwise Sweden should isolated and distant itself from Denmark and operate according to the Schengen agreement and let Danish border control remain in Denmark, the write on the paper.
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