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Examining the Swedish political situation: New Opinion poll Low for the Social Democrats

Sunday, 29 January 2012
The social democrats just changed their leader last week and one would feel that the public opinion perception for the party will start showing signs of improvement. But that seems to be far from the point as new opinion polls out on Sunday for radio Sweden show that the supposedly Sweden’s biggest political party is still limping.

According to the voters’ perception poll conducted for January by polling organisation Novus, the Social Democrats and Christian Democrats have remained in the major problem area with the public opinion. Whereas the Left party increased by 2.4 percentage points to 8.4 percent.


The aggregate numbers presented by Novus graduated from digits collected from five public opinion institutes for radio Sweden show that

The Social Democrats dropped further and are now down to 23.9 percent, a record low for the party in the Swedish voter opinion.
At the last poll in December, the Social Democrats support was 25.3 percent; this means a decrease of 1.4 percentage points.

The difference between the Moderates and the Social Democrats now stands at ten percentage points in January because the Moderates had supported some 34.7 percent of voter’s support.

The Christian Democrats also fell further: in December, they had the support of 3, 9 percent of voters, in January, the support dropped to 3.6 percent. Christian Democrats are, therefore, under the threshold that if elections where to be held today, they will be out of the parliament. This also shows a fall for the third poll in a row.

The Left party on the other hand are speaking sense and collected support from voters.  In December, the party had the support of six percent of voters but now in January the survey showed a rise to 8.4 percent of voters’ support.

All the above figures come from polling organisation, Novus, which compiled the results of the five largest public opinion institutes for the Swedish radio.

One consoling issues here is that the polling was done when Håkan Juholt was still the head of the Social Democrats  and before Stefan Löfven was elected the news leader of the Social Democrat party on Friday and before the Christian Democrats had their leadership election in  Västerås yesterday which saw Göran Hägglund being re-elected party leader.

The Green Party is still strong and has the support of 11.7 percent of the voters.
The other three parliamentary parties, the Centre Party, Liberal (People’s) Party and the far right Sweden Democrats, gained either about five or six percent of voter support.
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