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New Danish government to scrap the extra border controls proposed by the ousted right wing government

Monday, 03 October 2011
Danish People's Party, the right wing anti immigration party is not feeling happy. Its baby policy to enhanced border controls at the borders of Denmark against Sweden and Germany, are to be scrapped.

This is one of the clear steps to be taken by the new left wing government when it presented its government declaration in Copenhagen on Monday. The government declaration says that the Government want to effectively fight transnational crime, but in the spirit of the Schengen cooperation.


It was in May this year that previous, centre right government with the support of Pia Kjærsgaard, leader of the right wing Danish People's Party, agreed to increase border controls. This was something that made both neighbours and the EU to protest loudly. The EU questioned whether the measure was contrary to the rules on free movement and the Schengen cooperation which called for open borders.

For a while there were intense diplomatic waves between Denmark and neighbouring countries such that the then Foreign Minister,  Lene Espersen (Conservative), had to go on a charm trip to reassure his colleagues in Berlin, Stockholm and Brussels that Denmark means no bad intension.

But now the plan is being discarded, which reportedly was the Danish People's Party bargain for the then government’s economic austerity policy.
"Denmark, in cooperation with our neighbours want to carry out effective customs control based on a mobile, flexible and intelligence-led operation in accordance with the common rules in the EU," reads the statement from the government policy.
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