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New Danish government to abolish the Ministry of Integration

Sunday, 02 October 2011
The incoming left wing Danish government led by the Social Democrat will abolish the Ministry of Integration. The vast majority of the ministry's responsibility is now shared between the Ministry of Social Affairs and Justice.

Radio Denmark reports that the plan has concerned the Danish People's Party. The Party integration spokesman Martin Buchanan emphasizes that he has not yet seen the final government basis, but he is worried by the news.


“If it is true, then it may mean that integration is broken, because we lose the coordinating unit,” he said.
Danish Newspaper, Jyllands-Posten writes today that the current point system for Family reunions has been removed and the rules for gaining permanent residence and citizenship are being relaxed.

Now it turns out that the ministry should be abolished. Overall, the Danish People's Party have to fear that ten years of integration efforts will be dropped. The question asked is whether they achieved it. An official asked whether today’s Denmark is properly integrated and if the ministry encourage rather that discourage integration.

“This is perhaps the worst thing you could imagine. It is very extensive. It will create greater social and cultural tensions between Danes and poorly integrated foreigners. I urge the Social Democrats to remember their own election promises of a continued tight immigration policy,” said Martin Henriksen.
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