New Danish custom control gives fewer arrests


Thursday, 08 September 2011
Publicans from the Danish Police and Customs Group show that they are training new customs officers, instead of making random checks at the border as required by the implementation of the custom controls.

Since customs control was instituted, there has been only half the number of border crossers arrested compared to the past, according to Danish newspaper JydskeVestkysten.

In summer the number of would be cross boarder criminals arrested were far fewer compared to last year. According to the police, this may be due to that customs control has been increased as such scares away would be criminals.

"There is no clear picture on it, but customs checks can have an impact that we have arrested fewer border crossers," says the head of the Immigration Control Department, Pallet Linnaeus.
He said that the police in summer have not made random checks at the border, as was the case last summer. "We have not made the type of controls, since customs checks at the border were increased. Now we work more to catch the illegal immigrants in the hinterland," said deputy police inspector; who also explains that the Police and Customs Group  are focusing on training  new customs officers - and not to catch illegal immigrants via random checks at the border.


Spot checks in trains entering Denmark, according to Palle Linnaeus, is the model that s being used to illegal immigrants. The number of border crossers arrested also fell in the first six months, before customs checks were introduced - but only by 25 percent compared to 2010.

In July and August, it declined by 53 percent. The Danish Social Democrat Party Integration Spokesman, Henrik Dam Kristensen rages over the increased news that customs checks have caught fewer illegal immigrants in the Danish-German border.

"This is another example of how miserable the increased customs checks have been. It just had to go fast, so Danish People's Party had no visible return for retirement reform, "said Henrik Dam Kristensen.
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