NATO plead for more Swedish support but it remains unclear if Sweden will provide and how soon


Thursday, 02 June 2011
NATO wants to extend the operation in Libya, and has asked Sweden for further assistance. The assistance is to include aerial reconnaissance, air refuelling and maritime operations. There are doubts if Sweden would be able to provide and to start the operations as required.

Authorities here in Sweden are pondering whether Sweden can possibly start a marine operation in the Mediterranean within 90 days, according to Stefan Ring, military strategy expert speaking on Swedish radio last night.

“Sure, we have that kind of capability, but it takes some time before the Marine will have the ability to reach the Mediterranean. The information I have indicates that the Navy has units that are on 90 days on standby, so the decision remain dull until we have marine vessels in place, we expect that it will take about three months, "said Stefan Ring to radio Sweden.

The Swedish leading opposition party, the Social Democrats rejected before that the Swedish activities in Libya should not exceed certain limits but have now back tracked. In the past spring of this year, they called for Sweden to send a greater maritime operation to Libya, but the government has however been more hesitant.

In the current situation, it is unclear how the Swedish contribution will look like. Political parties have traditionally disagree therefore they could start negotiating now. But even if they arrive at a political settlement and a form of agreement it will still be unclear what the Armed Forces can accomplish in less than 90 days.

So far the Swedish Armed Forces have not yet received any request from the government.
“Then it will be difficult for Sweden to have enough time to effectuate such a request. It will suffice to say that work will continue with the air force we have down in Sicily, "said Stefan Ring to radio Sweden
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