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There is high unemployment in Sweden but companies are not advertising their vacancies

Monday, 26 March 2012
Job seekers in Sweden are advanced to make informal contacts with companies for a better input. This is because more private companies in Sweden they do not report vacancies to the Employment Service.

“When we ask our member companies we have seen that they have moved away from the formal channels such as advertising through the employment services. Job seekers are increasingly finding people through informal contacts,” said Patrik Karlsson, labour market expert at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

He notes that via the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise Recruitment Survey, which includes companies that are members of Confederation and which may indicate how they recruit. This shows that the percentage of companies using the Employment Service in steadily declining.

In 2010, a survey showed that 76 percent made use of informal contacts, in 2002 the proportion was 63 percent. It is attributed to the fact the national employment authority is inefficient, that job seekers go through other employees, or through the social media, which is also becoming more common.

This is so especially that “Informal contacts means that you already have a form of relationship with the person, you know what he or she is worth, and that he or she has the expertise that the company is seeking. By advertising, to get many answers that are irrelevant becomes a burden on business to weed out the irrelevant ad the cost and time.

But recruiting poll does not say everything if this includes, for example, the public sector. According to Anders Forslund, a researcher in social policy at IFAU in Uppsala, University, usually 65 - 75 percent of all jobs are obtained through other channels than the Employment Service.
“At all times, in all countries, a lot of jobs go through personal contacts,” he says.
He notes that a job can not be cherry picking.
“That is why there is a public agency, they who do not have any contacts must have somewhere to go. If they have time to cultivate the contacts with the local labour market as they need, then good”.

Confederation of Swedish Enterprise has long criticized the Employment Service for being ineffective. A few proper studies have not been made since 2006 when the National Audit Office in a report showed very low efficiency.

The level of jobs advertised through the Employment Service goes up and down with the economy. The better the economy, there will be more who leave their job to that agency. The more difficult it is to find candidates, the more channels will be used, according to Fredrik Jansson DalÚn, researchers at the Employment Service.

He points out that the Employment Service's main task is to help those who lack their own network of contacts.
“This is a shame if the employer uses fewer channels. It can also give employers a more narrow range, although for them it may be rational to limit themselves. If you go through formal channels, the selection process can become more difficult,” says Fredrik Jansson DalÚn.
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