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Swedish butter dealers make brisk business on the Norwegian border as the government's refusal to imports give dealers market position

Friday, 16 December 2011
Norway continues to refuse to import butter even though there is persistent increase in demand and shortages. This has created a boom business for Swedish butter producers or dealer on the border with Norway.

The considerable butter shortage in Norway has created a boom on the Swedish side of the border led by dealers such as Class Ekdahl.

“Normally, we’ll have two to three boxes of butter in the fridge but today we have a pallet on the floor we sell that kind of huge amounts. They come and buy entire boxes for himself and family and friends,” said Klas Ekdahl.


Recently, there was a serious butter shortage in Sweden but hat problem was resolved with increased supply from other import sources. For the Norwegians as Christmas baking time is fast approaching, the quest for butter has never been this dire.

Other factors blamed for the shortages of the butter and increased hysteria is that in Norway and Sweden due to the mass media campaigns of the disadvantages of eating butter and the drive for light products increased instead.
The hysteria was also fuelled by a Danish tax of butter and fatty food that cemented the idea that there was serious problem in the consumption of the product.

What drove the shortage of butter in Norway also is the Norwegian government’s decision that there wouldn’t be import of butter.

Dealers in Sweden such as Klas Ekdahl, says his customers say that there would not be improvement in the situation until February / March.
By Scancomark.se Team

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