Which are safest cars out there? In Sweden, Toyota Avensis and the Volvo V70 top the chart


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Tuesday, 30 August 2011
In Sweden today, findings show that ion the whole, newer cars are much safer than older ones according to insurance group Folksam, after bouts of real crash tests.

The risk of dying in an accident has reduced by 90 percent in cars built from 2005 onwards compared to cars from the early 1980s.

Safest cars on Swedish roads today are Toyota Avensis built between 2003 and 2008 and Volvo S60, V70 and S80 built from 1998 to 2006, followed closely by the Honda Accord from 1994 to 1998 and Renault Laguna 1994-2001.

They all have 30 percent higher security than the average car according to reports from Folksam. Based on 115,000 actual crashes that occurred between 1995 and 2010 with 31,500 people injured, the company could make a proper assessment.

In addition, crash test results from independent crash test were also taken into consideration. These are tests collected from cars equipped with protection against whiplash injuries and traction control.


Folksam made a similar statement in 1983 and featured a new report about every two years to provide assistance to consumers. “It is gratifying that big improvement in eliminating the risk of death from cars is taking great improvements,” says Anders Kullgren, Folksam Traffic Research Director.

The risk of disability has also decreased since the early 1980s, but not as much as the risk of dying in traffic accidents.

“Car manufacturers seem to have focused on the most serious accidents, and now there are many people who work with the system to completely avoid collisions, such as automatic braking,” said Anders Kullgren.

According to Folksam, the number of dead and disabled in the traffic decrease by 30 percent of all bought cars from the highest security class.

Safest cars are among medium and large cars. Among small cars, many cars get failed record. But a few small cars get the green rating, such as the Ford Fiesta built between 2003 and 2008, Hyundai Accent 1995-1999 and Mitsubishi Colt / Lancer 1989-1996.

It's fun to show that a small car can be safe, given that it emits less according to authorities. For SUV, many also failed to meet desire results.

A summary of the results.

Best cars - family cars
Toyota Avensis 03-08
Volvo V70/S60/S80
Honda Accord 94-98
Renault Laguna 94-00

SUVs and minivans:

Lexus RX300/400 05 -
Mitsubishi Outlander 03-06
VW Caravelle 91 -
Chrysler Voyager 96-00

The most dangerous models:
Citroen AX 87-93
Nissan Terrano 88-96
Mitsubishi L300 Cosmos 88-94
Renault 5 85-90
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