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The demand for labour in Sweden is increases but will employer look at skills rather than race?

Monday, 05 December 2011
Reports recently our here show that there are few skilled people looking for work here, in Sweden that in some times in the past. But the question asked is if employers have looked properly into non Swedish looking people and encourage them to apply for positions.

Swedish unemployment continues to fall
Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Approximately 345,000 people, or 6.9 percent of the Swedish workforce, were unemployed in October.

Sweden implements tougher rules for foreign cleaners

Thursday, 17 November 2011
The Swedish migration board is determined to tighten rules for cleaning companies that want to hire people from outside the EU. This follows the general Swedish shift to tighten immigration as the economy weakens

The parts of Sweden where unemployment is highest among young people are “…”

Friday, 24 February 2012
In 24 Swedish municipalities, youth unemployment is over 30 percent.   Bromölla in Scania (Skåne) has the highest proportion (34.5 percent) while the Danderyd and Lidingö in Stockholm have the lowest (4.3 percent).

The old mining villages are severely affected. In Värmland Hagfors unemployment has peaked been up 45 percent over the past four years, writes Swedish Dagens Nyheter, which also noted the new statistics from the Employment Service.

High youth unemployment is also found in the densely populated areas, often in areas with a high proportion of minorities ethnic groups – described here is Sweden mostly as immigrants.

They will always remain immigrants because they have and will hardly be integrated in the society. Other places such as they are known as ethnic minority because although they are part of the society, they are a group of people who are different from the main stream.

Back to the you unemployment story, One example where in the urban areas one find heavy number of youth unemployment is Sörmland Eskilstuna - an hour's drive from Stockholm. Here youth unemployment reaches 28 percent. In Skåne town of  Landskrona, between Helsingborg and Malmö, the same level is also observed

"Eskilstuna is similar to the old industrial cities with similar economic structure as these. Eskilstuna has not progressed as far towards the service society that cities of similar size with the university offer, "said Clas Olsson, chief analyst at the Employment Service, told he paper.

The problems of old industrial areas are according to associated with a culture where young people expect to get a job at a large industry. Many have a weak traditional drive to learn and are particularly less likely, especially the young men, are less likely to move.
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