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Tables PCs sell better those desktop PCs in the Swedish computer market

Thursday, 22 March 2012
Sales of surf boards in Sweden have doubled in one year such that at this moment, more internet plates are sold than desktop computers and net books. Apple still dominates the market.

“It's almost just Ipad that customers ask for,” say Payem Fadaei, head of computer department at electromic retail chain, Elgiganten in Stockholm.

Tomorrow, Friday, the new iPad will start to be sold in Sweden, and it is launched at a stage where interest in internet surf boards has now gathered speed seriously. Sales have increased from 15 000 surf boards in January last year to 34 000 the same month this year, according to market research firm GFK.

What is the percentage that belongs to Apple and its competitors in Sweden are well preserved proprietary information. But looking at the global market, we see that iPads dominance has decreased over the past two years. Apple is chased by surf boards with Google's Android operating system. Two years ago, Iphone dominated the market with a share of 94 percent. The final quarter of last year saw the Android backed products building up a market share of 39 percent against the iPads 58 percent, according to research analysis from the firm Statista.

“Samsung Tablet sold well when it came, but did not manage to keep the grip,” says Payem Fadaei from the electronic retailer, Elgiganten.

Fadaei also says that customers who ask for surf boards with Android are often more computer savvy, and opting out Iphone because they feel that Apple shuts its users with restrictions on which programs they are allowed to run.

Around the country there is also the preparation to receive the release of third-generation Iphones. In most stores, historically, Iphone will run out on the day it is released, according to vendors. As such many shops will be open night for those who want to be among the first with the latest. Speaking of Apple's dominance is how they dictate their sales. The stores are not told how many units they’ll receive, or not at least pass it on.
GFK has compiled sales of surf boards from 2 800 stores in Sweden last year and expects that sales this year will double to 600 000 units sold.
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