Swedish used luxury car market smeared with Scrap Cars sold as luxury cars


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Thursday, 23 June 2011
Sweden is advanced in technology and craftsmanship. Not all the time this skill is used to further the Swedish best name. Sometimes it is used to commit crime – real technologically advanced crimes.

Take this for example: Stockholm police have revealed an extensive organized trading in cars in which cars which look like luxury cars are sold clean and nice. But behind the cars is in fact scrap vehicles from the U.S. that have been repaired with stolen car parts.

“There was a crash-damaged car in the U.S. that had been imported to Lithuania, where it was rebuilt with stolen parts, reprogrammed the boxes in the car and made new keys, said Jan-Erik Lindenblad-Heed, police inspector at the City Police theft squad, to radio Sweden.

He confirmed that this, in terms of technology, was very advanced.
“It is very advanced and they are very good at it,” says Jan-Erik Lindenblad-Heed.
Anyone who recently bought a luxury car cheap online may have reason to be worried. Stockholm police have made a unique switch-on in a workshop in Haninge and started to investigate a very subtle business.

These cars are in the about family of the Audis, BMWs and Mercedes, and the British luxury brands like Bentley. There are very extensive operations which are now beginning to sort out but unreported cases are high, according to the police.

“We have five cars seized now and we have verified an additional 15 cars. We have seen that there are several hundred such cars here in Stockholm and vicinity. These cars are dangerous to drive in some cases because in case of collusion their crumple zones are exhausted (because of their past life). Sometimes they lack air bags and one would not know, in the cars that have air conditioning, if they are not installed properly, so safety is very low,” says Jan-Erik Lindenblad – Heed of the Stockholm city police.
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