Swedish trader’s optimism comes to a halt


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Monday, 18 July 2011
Sweden counts heavily on its small domestic market for improved economic wealth development as such sales in the domestic stores should continue to maintain the current exuberance the country’s businesses are enjoying. Or no!

This is because latest data and assessment from the Swedish Trader Union (Svensk Handels) latest confidence barometer show a declining confidence in trading activates within stire owners.

"The proportion of store traders who believe that sale in of the company - owned store will increase over the next quarter declined from last month. Furthermore, the proportion of traders who believe in an increase in sales in the retail sector as a whole was less than the previous month, "writes Swedish Trader Union.


The proportion of traders who believe that the sale in their various stores will increase was some 38 percent, slightly lower than last month.  Within the grocery stores some 47 percent of retailers thought that sales will increase and 12 percent believe it will decrease.

"The durable goods dealers are significantly less optimistic and 32 percent of traders in the sector believe that the sale of the company – owned store will increase. The proportion of traders who believe in an increase in sales in the retail sector as a whole has declined significantly since the previous month, "writes Swedish Trade Federation.
"This adds to the Future indicator decreases by 13 units,” said Swedish Trade Federation.

The trade survey indicator, which measures the merchants' confidence in the development of their own store than in the retail sector as a whole, is growing by 8 points compared to the previous month and stands at 19 units.

The trade survey indicator can be seen as a measure of the proportion of traders who think they will be able to increase their domestic market share over the next three months, writes the trade organization.

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