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Swedish pork getting more expensive as many pig farmer go out of business in recent times

Saturday, 10 March 2012
Many Swedish pig farmers have gone out of business in recent years. This means that seems to means that likeliness for more expensive pork in the stores.
Authorities and analysts believe that there ought to be a reasonably logical consequence of that scenario.

Recent years have not been very profitable for the pig industry, which has led many farmers have been forced to quit. This in turn has meant that those that are still running the business can earn good money.
“It's the best period we've had in the past five years. It feels good to for this period to come - hopefully in the next year. Revenues will grow by about 30 percent over the same period last year,” says a pig farmer, Anders Hansson to radio Sweden.

For consumers who like pork, it is not as fun as the farmer might want to make it look. Farmers have left their farms as such there are not an equal number of Swedish pigs that could go round at a lower price. As scarcity or limited supply would means high demand and hence prices, it there takes the fun out of the lowers of pork.

One solution for this could be increased imports. Such a situation was observed last year when over a third of pork consumed in
Sweden or displayed in Swedish meat shops were imported.
There effect could be that foreign pork could be priced up but will the EU allow that to happen when competition is the watch word?
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