Swedish nuclear power station, Oskarshamn cleared of any safety risks


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Saturday, 25 June 2011
In the wake of problems with Sweden's own
Oskarshamn nuclear  power  plant back in 2006, in was determined that safety was at all time low and that there should be a review and upgrade carried out on the plant.

In this vein the Swedish government invited the nuclear watchdog, the IAEA to check and determine how safe the Oskarshamn nuclear power plant is in the face of similar security issue hitting the plant like what happened in Japan recently. The body was also to determined that the plant has been properly upgraded and all the errors and safety risks outliers corrected.

After a recent review, the IAEA believes that the securities risk at the Oskarshamn nuclear power plant are satisfactory.
The IAEA after examining the nuclear power plant two years ago  and looking at it now concludes that  deficiencies found then have been corrected. But some minor improvements were still call on to make the plant a leader in its field.

The inspection came after the incident in Forsmark 1 in July 2006, when a short circuit in a switch yard caused the reactors to stop abruptly. It was then thought that there were risks associated with the running of the plant. This is why upgrades have been carried out and which the nuclear watch dog now feel that the plant is safe.

Traditionally, Swedish nuclear power plants have been under performing producing weak energy to about 60 percent of their capacity. When compared to Finnish plants which produce about 95 percent of their capacity, the Swedish nuclear power production seem very underdeveloped.
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