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Swedish households is depressed about the economy

Wednesday, 28 September 2011
Swedish household optimism about the economy fell in September. The Swedish Consumer Confidence Indicator, CCI, was -5.8 compared with +4.3 the previous month, according, according to the Swedish National Institute for Economic research (NIER) in a survey.

CCI was expected to show a value of +0.7 (range -1.0 to +3.8), according survey consensus compilation of eight analysts' estimates. The median value was +0.5.

Macro Index was -25.2, compared with -3.0 the previous month. The Micro Index landed at +0.2, compared with a level of +3.3 the previous month.
Inflation expectations in the twelve -month term was 2.3 percent, compared with 2.5 percent the previous month.

Index of unemployment of twelve months stood at 30.1 compared with 0.8 the previous month.
Wage growth is expected to be 2.9 percent in the next twelve months, compared with 3.0 percent the previous month.
Households' expectation for the variable mortgage rate on one-year term is 4.63 percent, compared with 4.81 percent the previous month.
Expected variable mortgage rate in two years is 5.03 percent, compared with 5.21 percent the previous month. Household expectations of five years mortgage rate amounts to 5.19 percent, compared with 5.32 percent last month.
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