Swedish households expects falling house prices – feast for some pain for others


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Thursday, 08 September 2011
The Swedish house prices are too high and countless analysts and organisations have said that the Swedish houses are over-valued. This is very dangerous because when the house prices start falling it will affect those who bought one when it was astronomically high as they see their equality value fall.

We had written about this in the past and as Swedish official think only in Swedish and don’t read our analysis, they will never know. Also because we are a young network, nobody trust the youths!


But now as the economy begins to slacken, more and more Swedish households expect falling prices for houses and condominiums and price expectations have fallen to a record low according to a new survey

"Stock market collapse and economic unrest reinforces this downward trend. The trend is similar in Stockholm and the rest of the country, "writes Orjan Hultaker, an analyst of the polling organisation Skop which carried out the survey, in a statement.

Skop's expectation index for house prices was recorded at +1 in late August / early September, representing a decline of 27 units in June.

Of the measurement, it shows that 30 percent believe that house prices will be higher in a year, representing a decrease of 16 percentage points. 29 percent believe that house prices will fall over the next year representing an increase of 11 percentage points from the previous poll.

Skop's expectation index for condominiums is -4 in the latest poll, compared with a level of +27 in June.
Expectation Index is the difference between those who believe that prices of houses will be higher or lower in a year.

The survey was conducted among about 1,000 people aged 18 and 84 years old during the period August 22 to September 6.
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