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Swedish households are less negative about the housing market - SEB's "Boprisindikator" turns up to minus 13

Monday, 06 February 2012
Swedish households anticipate a stronger trend for house prices in February compared to what they did last month according to an SEB house price indicator published on Monday.

The indicator, which shows the difference between the percentage of households who believe in rising prices and the percentage who believe in falling prices, rose to -13 in February, from -17 the previous month.

Of those surveyed 30 percent believe in rising prices, compared with 26 percent last month, while 43 percent believe in falling prices, compared to 43 percent the previous month.

"Calm interest rate outlook and stable stock market has made households to look slightly less negative in the impact of house prices. Still, pessimists still stand in the majority. Result of real estate indicator (boprisindikatorn) indicates a continued pessimistic in the Swedish housing market "says SEB's private economist Gunilla Nyström in a statement.

Of the households that have fully or partially floating interest rate on their mortgages accounts, 3 percent said they intend to fix the interest rate over the next three months, compared with 5 percent last month.

Households believe that the repo rate will be at 1.78 percent a year from the time
the question of what households think about the level of the repo rate in a year corresponds.
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