Swedish car sales fall as passenger cars registration shows a reduction


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Monday, 01 August 2011
Fewer new cars were registered in Sweden in July compared with same period last year. The decrease is 3.7 percent and in July, some 19,621 new cars were registered.

Data from car registration company, Bil Sweden, also indicate that if comparison is made for the number of newly registered passenger cars for the entire year so far, with the same period last year, there is still a significant increase for this year. So far this year 176,663 new private cars started to roll on Swedish roads. The increase over the same period in 2010 is 11, 5 percent.

The leading sellers according to brand are Volvo V70 II with 12,100 registrations so far this year, compared with 14,940 during the same period last year. Second is the VW Passat in 7952 (7563last year) and the third is 7503 VW Golf (7003 last year).


Relating the type of fuel, the number of newly registered diesel cars increased by 17.7 percent in July. The share of diesel cars in total of newly registered cars was 62.8 percent, its highest level so far for a single month.

Conversely, the number of registered green cars fell by 4.2 percent to 7722 in July.

Motor data from Bil Sweden also shows a sharp increase in the number of trucks sold such as heavy goods vehicles over 16 tonnes. In July, 332 such heavy vehicles were recorded sold which is 3.6 percent more than last July. Volvo's trucks increased by 43 percent or 139 newly registered vehicles and Scania rose 59 percent to 149 of new trucks registered.

Light trucks, that is, those under 3.5 tonnes increased by 8.8 percent. New registrations and sales figures for trucks can be used as a tool to test the temperature of the economy at large.

In July, the number of registered caravans was 511, compared with 426 the same period last year. So far this year 3248 caravans have been registered, which is 13.7 percent more compared to 2010, based on figures from Caravan Industry Association.

Camper registrations also rose last month. In July, 400 homes were registered, against 367 in July 2010.So far this year, the number of camper registrations increased by 28.2 percent to 2,891 homes.
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