Dog eat dog in Swedish advertisement market as the saturated market leads to unethical approaches


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Monday, 15 August 2011
Swedish advertisement market had reach a breaking point as the over saturated market had led to a high record of unethical practices. Two marketing campaigns have provoked the Swedes like no other this year. Both have broken records of complaints to the advertising Ombudsman.

A smaller market with almost limited direction to expand would means any company will do anything take their products visible. This has in general led to complaints of unethical advertising to Swedish advertising Ombudsman (RO). Reports hold that complaints remained at a normal level during the first half of 2011 compared to same period last year. But there are two campaigns that have each individually been responsible for as many as normally complaints than before.

“Last year we received over 200 complaints in the first half and this year we had over 600 so there is a significant increase. There are two campaigns that represent over 60 percent,” says Elisabeth Trotzig of the RO.


Those she speaks of have been reported about 200 times each, ten times more than what is typical for a campaign that draws in these types of complaint.

“We have never received so many complaints on a few campaigns in the past. I think that awareness has increased about advertising Ombudsman and the ability to report,” says Elisabeth Trotzig.

One campaign is familiar to many - the so-called infidelity site Victoria Milan who asked married men and women to make life living by having an affair. This led many people to see red and the Ombudsman’s phones never stopped ringing.

But the RO's opinion-board looks at the matter and said that it only reflected the activity itself and it did not mislead or insight.  Even though infidelity is considered immoral by many, it is nothing in the advertising Ombudsman will consider.

The second is the clothing chain Jack & Jones Marketing accused of being sexist by showing scantily clad women that has nothing to do with the products. The matter shall be settled in public opinion in the first meeting after the summer.

“There is a chain of men's clothing which had scantily clad women pictured in full-scale format in the shop windows…,” says Elisabeth Trotzig.

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