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Swedish State subsidies for biogas production

Wednesday, 28 December 2011
The new biogas plant in Marieholm in Gothenburg, Sweden has been made possible via a government grant of Skr2.2 million.

The pre-treatment plant for food waste which will be the source of the biogas will be inaugurated in early January. It is an important cog in the City of Gothenburg's investment in the production of more biogas.

The government’s money is part of a contribution that Business Region Gothenburg received for various climate initiatives in Gothenburg, aimed at reducing carbon emissions. In total, around Skr60 million has been invested in the plant, which is a reconstruction of the old compost in Marieholm.


The plant converts food waste, from Gothenburg and a number of western Swedish municipalities, to a type of slurry or pulp. The pulp is then further transported to one of western Sweden’s anaerobic digestion plants to become biogas.

The new facility has a capacity to receive 50,000 tonnes of food waste per year. The idea is that the process will become more efficient in the long run when collection and delivery has now been properly designed in an appropriate supply chain.

Renova, one of the companies that will e supplying the food waste from around Gothenburg hopes that even digestion can be carried out in Gothenburg in the future. But Gryaab - whose plant for anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge don’t feel that it would be necessary because it would means to obtain a special environmental permit from the Board of Agriculture. That is a very hard process.
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