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Swedish Regional performance assessment – the best performing Swedish region in terms of   export

Wednesday, 18 April 2012
The Swedish region of Västra Götaland, in western Sweden is reported to be the best county of the country when it comes to exports Sweden. Therefore western Sweden which is led by the city of Goteborg is the region that exports most of its products internationally than most other counties of the country.

Latest data analysis from statistic Sweden and Swedish foreign office show that the second region of the country which export more is Stockholm followed by  Skåne in southern Sweden.  The reports also show that the fastest growing region is Västerbotten.
In Västra Götaland, in 2011, the value of merchandise exported from this region with 1.5 million inhabitants stood at Skr242 billion.

In the Stockholm County with 2 million inhabitants, and exports of goods amounted to Skr 207 billion last year and from Skåne in southern Sweden, with 1.2 million inhabitants, exported goods stood for Skr105 billion, figures from Statistics Sweden and the Swedish Foreign Ministry show.

But the growth in exports is now growing elsewhere out of the three largest export provinces. Västerbotten, Örebro and Blekinge are those regions now exporting more. Even Norrbotten and Kalmar are now leading in the classification.

Analysts attribute the rise of Västerbotten partly due to the recession, and the expansion of mining where there was increased demand for metal and commodities.
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