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Swedish Net trade balance amounted to Skr 7.8 billion in October

Monday, 28 November 2011
In October 2011 Swedish exports of goods amounted to Skr 103.3 billion, while imports of goods amounted to Skr 95.5 billion. As a result, the net trade balance was Skr 7.8 billion.

According to Statistic Sweden, foreign trade in goods resulted in a net trade surplus of Skr 7.8 billion in October 2011 according to preliminary calculations. In October 2010 the net trade surplus was Skr 5.5 billion.

The value of exports in October 2011 amounted to Skr 103.3 billion, while imports were valued at Skr 95.5 billion. Compared to October 2010, exports increased by 3 percent in value, while the imports increased by 1 percent.

Trade with countries outside the EU resulted in a surplus of Skr 15.8 billion, while the EU trade resulted in a deficit of Skr 8.0 billion.


The number of weekdays in October was the same as in October 2010. Seasonally adjusted, the net trade surplus amounted to Skr 9.5 billion in October 2011, compared to Skr 9.6 billion in September 2011. The corresponding figure for August 2011 was Skr 9.6 billion.
Net trade (Jan–Oct) showed surplus of Skr 72.8 billion

During this period, the value of exports increased by 9 percent, while imports increased by 7 percent in value compared to the corresponding period one year ago. Exports amounted to Skr 1015.3 billion, and imports were valued at Skr 942.5 billion, resulting in a surplus net trade balance of Skr 72.8 billion for January – October 2011. The corresponding surplus figure for these months one year earlier was Skr 52.7 billion.
News source: Statistic Sweden

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