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Swedish Labour shortages in the future but there are bright spots 

Friday, 27 January 2012
The Swedish labour market is weakening, but in the longer term, the Employment Service expects to see labour shortages in an increasing number of professions.

Unfortunately areas such as media and journalism are over supplied with labour and getting a job in such field is like trying to see the excrement of a snake.

On the list which the Swedish Employment Service see that there would be a major shortage in the future includes computer and engineering jobs, construction jobs, various teaching jobs, not to mention various works in the health sector.


2012 and 2013, the possibility of getting a job deteriorates in many professions and the shortage of labour thus decreases. But in five to ten years, it is predicted that there will be more general labour shortages.

The Swedish Employment Service's General Manager, Angeles Bermudez-Svankvist, thinks it can go even faster.
“My concern is that within two years there will be a labour shortage in the rather broad sectors. Not only in  the technical industries or computer industry, but it will be about nurses, dental nurses, cooks among others, it's about service occupations,” she said.

For her, this happen because more people are retiring. Many people are leaving the labour market at the same time because the population is aging. Some people also feel that there is increasing labour emigration from Sweden otherwise what is known as brain drain cause by factors such as extreme cost of housing and housing shortages  which inhibits internal labour movements.

According to Statistic Sweden, unemployment is not falling as would have been expected. In December, more than 350 000 persons or 7.1 percent of the workforce remained unemployed. Forecasts indicate an increase in unemployment in the future.

Job seekers with background in areas such as Master of Science in electronics and technology, software and system developers, IT architecture and the likes are likely not to be depressed. Also areas such as chefs and cooks would feel comfortable in the market for now and in the future.
By Scancomark.se Team

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