Swedes see Sony Ericsson as their must have mobile device


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Tuesday, 14 June 2011
Sony Ericsson is a Swedes' dream mobile phone device, talking about loving what you have rather that what you wish. But still many prefer to go for Apple's iPhones and related gadgets mostly influenced by friends.

The Swedes love new technology and in fact, they are like a test bed for new technology with  mobile phone devices are not left out. They think that Sony Ericsson has the best mobile phones. The Swedish-Japanese manufacturer wins nine out of twelve categories in a survey conducted by Swedish telephone operator Tele2

But the Swedes are far from some patriots  such as the Finns (Nokia) or the Koreas (Samsung and LG) as they tend to be shifting more towards the U.S. iPhone, which tops sales list.

“Swedes are very irrational in their choices and are largely influenced much by what their friends have. It is what governs the buying decision. Have your friends an I-phone, you buy an I-phone. Sometimes it can also be bought more influenced by brand rather than function, "said Annika Kristersson, press officer of Tele2 Sweden.

Apps, mobile browsing and the touch screen in all its glory are just the drivers that lull Swedes. Basic features like long battery life and high ease of use are still considered important when the Swede describes their dream gadget. Men like to have a good display, while women think of the camera more.

“Today the phone is seen as a personal accessory even though it can be lying around on the table but it should  always be reachable, "said Annika Kristersson.

Tele2's survey of dream mobile application is based on responses from 3728 Swedes aged 15-79 years. The study was conducted in March by polling agency Sifo and is statistically significant.
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What mobile phone brand do Swedes love? A Swedish man’s dream mobile device
1st Sony Ericsson
2nd iPhone
3rd Nokia

Source Statistic Sweden

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