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Sweden maintains its position as a leading exporter of arms and military hardware in the world

Monday, 16 January 2012
Sweden is among the countries that export significant amounts of weapons and armaments to places around the world.

But Sweden too, is the leading country committed to promoting peace in the world. The worry is how these tow mix. Maybe it tied with the saying that “… to maintain peace one should prepare for war.” This is why Swedish arms could be seen exported even to countries that are dictatorial such as various Middle Eastern countries.

Last year Swedish arms exports amounted to one and a half billion euros. Now, there is a new agency to help the country’s defense exports and this has ignited criticisms from various right groups. 
One of these right groups are Swedish Peace alliance, an organisation that fights against what it calls Swedish hypocrisy, has called the Swedish government’s creation of the arm export institution a moratorium on exports to dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia. Also, the Swedish parliament is in support of the action that arm exports to continue.
On the whole, arm exports have developed into a very controversial issue in Sweden.
By Scancomark.se Team

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