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Support for euro sharply down in Sweden

Tuesday, 13 December 2011
If there were to be a referendum in Sweden today on the joining euro single currency, the euro about 80 percent would vote “no” to the euro while about 11 percent would vote “yes.”


According to statistic Sweden, about 8 percent of Swedish do not know how to vote. The percentage of “no” votes has increased, while the percentage of “yes” has decreased compared to May 2011. Both changes are statistically significant.

Among both men and women the percentage of “yes” votes has decreased and the percentage of “no” votes has increased since May 2011. The changes are statistically significant.

In November 2011 roughly 80 percent of the women and roughly 81 percent of the men would have voted “no” in a referendum. The corresponding figures for May 2011 were about 65 percent for women and 63 percent for men.

The percentage of “yes” votes among the women has decreased from about 22 percent in May to about 10 percent in November 2011. Among the men the percentage of “yes” votes has decreased from about 27 percent in May to about 13 percent in November.
By Scancomark.se Team/ source: Statistic Sweden

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