Stockholm stock exchange has lost Skr800 billion off its value this years alone


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Saturday, 27 August 2011
August has been pitch black listing month in the stock market no only here in Sweden where the market has been limping since the beginning of the years, but also all over the place.

Hundreds of billions in market value disappeared in a day and so far this year, the stick exchange in Stockholm alone lass lost about Skr 800billuion  worth of value.

Last Thursday has gone down one of the most difficult trading days trading days on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The plunge of 6.2 percent, wiping out more than Skr200 billion in market capitalization on a single day has been classified as ninth hardest trading day on the Stockholm stock market.

And even as the stock market’s attitude started becoming friendly at the beginning of this week, it did not seem to have ended up with something of huge lift. And whatever happens, it is clear that the August trade had a big hit to the values on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.
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As July became August, the listed companies' combined market capitalization of Skr 3861 billion - when trading closed on Thursday, 25 August, the combined market capitalization of the same companies now stood at approximately Skr 3410 billion.

So this means that stock market players only in August revised its outlook on listed companies' only came up with about Skr450 billion, according to figures from the stock exchange owner, OMX.

And even if investors have recovered some courage this week, perhaps in the hope of a new stimulus package from the U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, the Exchange has so far lost more than 20 percent of its value only this year.
The decline means that the stock market value plummeted by Skr800 billion from the year ending 25 August.
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