Shortage of Biogas in Sweden  


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Tuesday, 19 July 2011
Sweden is experiencing a shortage of biogas for vehicles. There is increasing complaint of too few supplies and poor distribution, lousy security and faulty pumps, although researchers believe that biofuel is best for the Environment.

According to radio Sweden, Stadsbusserna AB in �stersund in J�mtland in central Sweden is among the businesses affected by the shortages. Last year the company bought five biogas buses, which until now have not rolled a meter. The reason is that in spite of a municipal promise, no biogas tank is in the city. Biogas is produced from among other things, manure and waste.

Meanwhile, environmental group Greenpeace is not happy that biodiesel used in the EU, comes from fuel made from soy -, rapeseed and palm oil. Greenpeace warns against increased environmental degradation in the way of cutting down rainforests and increasing emissions of greenhouse gases, if nothing is done.


Greenpeace has bought the biodiesel of up to 100 petrol stations in nine European countries to explore what the biodiesel is made up of. It turned out that most of the biodiesel is made from rapeseed oil, and several countries have also included soy and palm oil.

"There are problems with all three imports. An increased demand for palm oil is the worst. It leads to the felling of rainforest in Indonesia and Malaysia, "said Martina Kr�ger, which is responsible for energy issues at Greenpeace.

Kr�ger believe that biodiesel made from rapeseed oil, is not much better. "If the biofuels industry buys the canola production that has been previously used for food, you see that the food industry increases imports of palm oil, "she says. An alternative is to produce biodiesel from waste and residues from agriculture and forestry or from crops grown in fields, which is unfit for human consumption.

Back to Sweden though, the problem with few or no pumps also applies to other parts of Sweden where it is now supply to nearly 35 000 vehicles powered by the gas. Environment Andreas Carlgren minister promised over a year ago about a national strategy for how biogas will be expanded to various part of the country. But the issue is still under investigation at the Ministry of Industry.

Anders Mathiasson is CEO of industry association Energigas Sverige (Sweden) and talk radio Sweden that:
“We can not do it ourselves and must be helped out by politicians. There is a lot about what direction we want to go. It is not profitable, no one would get paid enough, it costs too much to build and the politicians have to help.
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