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Rank City Average price Percentage
1. Oslo 142,80
2. Sao Paolo 120,60
3. Stockholm 119,50
4. Sydney 117,70
5. Copenhagen 116,10
6. Tokyo 116,10
7. Buenos Aires 111,80
8. Reykjavik 108,70
9. Helsinki 108,60
10. Paris 106,50
11. Rome 104,80
12. Vienna 104,10
13. Amsterdam 103,90
14. Dublin 100,00
15. Athens 99,60
16. Madrid 99,60
17. Berlin 97,90
18. Lisbon 97,80
19. London 97,60
20. Moscow 97,50
21. Brussel 97,10
22. Vilnius 90,60
23. New York 90,50
24. Budapest 90,30
25. Cape town 90,30
26. Dubai 89,30
27. Prague 87,60
28. San Francisco 83,70
29. Shanghai 82,00
30. Warsaw 80,50
31. Bangkok 75,80
32. Bombay 70,90


Scandinavian cities lead the league of most expensive cities on earth

Wednesday, 14 December 2011
You visit the Swedish capital, Stockholm and then you feel that it is a great place and you decide to go out and do some shopping. You go around looking for bargains. Even products that are sold are half prices tend to still be too expensive.

This is what you feel but you are not very sure. You are right! Stockholm has been classed as a very expensive place to do shopping. Stockholm just follows Norway and then the other Scandinavian cities also follow suit.

A new international price study shows that the most expensive city on the face of the earth is Oslo, while the cheapest prices can be found in Bombay, India.

Every year, the website, Pricerunner carries out a major international comparison in a study that looked into a comparison of 25 consumer products, such as gasoline, coffee and bus tickets.

This year, the study included 32 large cities that were compared to see which city is the most expensive and cheapest.

Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen are the Nordic cities and are more expensive and are more among the more expensive the survey show.


Stockholm lost a placement since last year and is now listed as fourth most expensive city on earth. The most expensive city in the world is in our neighbouring country Norway. In Oslo, basically all the products more expensive than average, according to Pricerunner.

"The only thing that stands out as cheaply is diapers, here we have understood that there is a price war among retailers, which creates pricing pressure," writes the price comparison site in a comment to Swedish television.

Many Swedes' favourite destination is Bangkok and here many products can be at bargain prices. The city is the second cheapest city in the survey.

The cheapest city in the survey, however, is Mumbai. There one can buy a bus ticket for example,  for 0.53 dollars or a cinema ticket for just under 30 dollars. The corresponding price in Oslo is 52 dollars for a bus ticket and 118 dollars to watch a movie on the big screen.

The economic crisis in Greece, Italy and Spain have not brought down prices, but is basically unchanged from last year.
If you are shopping for Christmas, it is instead better to go to London where, according to the survey is cheaper with such things like mascara, book and Lego.

The Swedish petrol prices are often up in the debate, and many feel that the pain threshold is reached soon. The Swedish price of around Skr 14 per litre is also more expensive than the supposedly average, Skr11:56. If you want to fill up cheaply, you should instead go to Dubai, where gasoline costs Skr 3 per litre.

Many Swedes buy computers and other technology products from abroad, via the internet. However, increasing competition in Sweden has caused the prices to fall in recent years and thus it is now less favourable to buy from abroad.

However, is it still a considerable sum, for example, a Macbook, in Stockholm has an average price of just under Skr12,000 while in Bangkok it cost only slightly over Skr 9000. That is cheap.

By Scancomark.se Team

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