Record high number of stock market fraud on the Stockholm stock exchange as the market struggles


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Monday, 29 August 2011
The gains players in the Swedish stock market were expecting this yeah has not been going as planned as such other unconventional ways would be used to try to either play around risks or escape any form of looses that might ensure. As such the amount of crimes committed on the stock market this year is on its way to breaking a new record

Already, the number of prosecutions this year alone for fraud on the Stockholm Stock Exchange is already as big as the whole of 2010, according to figures from the Swedish Economic Crimes Bureau. So far this year, eleven prosecutions have been carried out reports radio Sweden.

An example includes models whereby market distortion occurs whereby a seller or dealer sends out an order to buy on a stock that was never meant to be executed. But the strategy is only aimed at increasing interest in the shares and thereby driving up the price.

All together, the number of reports of such crimes is increasing this year by 25 percent, and forecast this year, points to a new record. Since the New Year, 81 complaints have been received by the Economic Crimes Bureau.

"We can see in the trend that we find many kinds of manipulations. Here we have seen a substantial increase in the number of different forms of manipulation, "said prosecutor Jan Leopoldson of the Economic Crimes Bureau.

John L�nnqvist, market analyst at the company IG Index, told radio Sweden that there is increased manipulation in the market each day from different arenas – private individuals and institutional investors.
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