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Recession? What recession as Sweden expands generosity to a high level

Monday, 23 January 2012
Several major aid organizations in Sweden are reporting very good results in their Christmas campaigns.
No trace of tougher economic times has been detected and this is seen as the Swedes being more generous even at tough times.

It's not always the giving drops during periods of economic crisis. “When there was an economic crisis in 2008, we also had a good year,” says Per Westberg, Deputy Secretary General of UNICEF Sweden.
UNICEF reaches a preliminary Skr23 million in its Christmas campaign with gifts ranging from vaccines, oral rehydration, food and reading books to children in poor countries. This compares with about Skr19 million years before.

Per Westberg thinks people see the gifts as a great addition to the usual Christmas celebrations as people tend to give gifts that have n more meaning that just giving to the needy.


Also, the Swedish Red Cross collection "Never Alone", which was to give lonely people visit and fellowship, went better than expected. The hope was to raise about Skr20 million, but the campaign turned out to generate around Skr23 million - which far outstrips the Skr18.5 million for the Christmas campaign the year before.

“We are not surprised, but pleased with the result,” says the collection manager, Therese Engström.

Many organizations have found a recipe for success in designing demonstrable gifts requests such as goats, donkeys, school supplies or building schools in poor countries.
Such are Action Aid, whose Christmas campaign yielded more than Skr5.6 million - up from just under Skr5 million a year before.

“We understand that if it is a gift that does good, it becomes easier to give,” says Catrin Rising, press officer at Action Aid.

Salvation Army said that in July 201, its collection which was open for a few weeks so far produced Skr12.4 million, which is half a million better than the year before and the best ever.

Save the Children would not need an exact figure.
“But we are 20 percent above the previous year,” says marketing and fundraising manager Louise Gauffin.

The second half of 2011 was characterized by decelerated economic growth and weakened economic activity and more cautious consumers - but not more cautious generosity.

Children's Fund received nearly Skr1.3 million, an increase of 26 percent in one year.
“So far we are not aware of this recession,” says Secretary-General Ehrnrooth Carolina.
By Scancomark.se Team

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