Racism plagued Danish elderly home


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Monday, 08 August 2011
Racism in elderly home is widespread and may scare employees away. Over half of all non-ethnic Danes who work in elderly care, have experienced racist comments from older people or work colleagues

This is based on an analysis from a report from the Danish Centre for Social Research, Fyens Stiftstidende (SFI).

“It's a big problem. Racist behaviour is something you really have to grab on,” says researcher Tine Rostgaard who is behind the report on the care and ethnicity in elderly care in Denmark.


According to the report, an African employee came to give help to an elderly person but when she arrived, she was asked go away so they could get help from a "real girl".

“It's a generation of older people who express themselves in a different way, and especially if they are insecure, they can be very direct and use nicknames,” says Tine Rostgaard.
About one out of 10 employees in elderly care have today different ethnic background than Danish, a number which is expected to rise.

Therefore, municipalities, according to Tine Rostgaard need to create decent working conditions for non-ethnic Danes in the elderly care homes, if there would be the need to give warm care for the elderly.

The impact of racism in the workplace is that there will be a huge recruitment problem as some of those minorities would be scared away according to Tine Rostgaard.

In the Trade and Labour union (FOA) in Odense, the problem of racism in the workplace is known.

“We know that it takes place and it is completely unacceptable,” says Erik Mikkelsen, who is the academic secretary of the FOA in Odense.

The researchers asked about 1000 employees in elderly care in 10 municipalities regarding their working conditions, including the Odense Municipality.
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