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Many more homes for sale in Sweden as the seemingly over prices houses market continue to give way

Monday, 05 March 2012
A lot has been said about the Swedish real estate sector and we, on this network have concentrated about the fact that it was getting too hard for a buyer to buy a Swedish house.

We have in the past months followed analytical reports with suggested that Swedish houses were over priced and they hypish nature in which the Swedish economy was being analysed made many people to believe that the Swedish economic growth or the “tiger economy” as it was called last year,  will remain constant. Things are changing now and the housing sector is seemingly maintaining a bearish out look.

For instance, right now, a record number of homes are out for sale in Sweden and most of them could be found in Skåne, southern Sweden. However, as expected the most expensive still lie in Stockholm.

According to Hemnets, the biggest website that list Swedish homes for sale, show that two counties in Sweden have proclaimed a house prices drop of more than 20 percent.

In total, 3147 homes are up for sale on the home site Hemnet right now, which is an increase of 29 percent over the same period last year.

In several counties, including Skåne, Blekinge and Halland, the number of items has increased by more than 50 percent since last year.

Most homes for sale are are found in Skane with some 449 items. Then, Dalarna and Västra Götaland follow. The largest increase is noted in Västernorrland, where the number of homes for sale increased by 86 percent.

The most expensive items are as could be expected in Stockholm, where the required average pricefor a house has reached just under Skr3 million. In Västra Götaland, the average price stands at about a million less, according Hemnet. The most expensive right now is vacation home in Torekov, that is for sale for Skr25 million.

Over the whole kingdom it sis claimed that prices remain at the same level as last year. In Skåne, there is however a price falls of 7 percent, while they increased as much in Stockholm.

In Västernorrland and Södermanland, advertised prices have been reportedly fallen by 21 and 20 percent, according Hemnet. The largest increase is noted in Dalarna and Västmanland.

The season for holiday homes would usually take the time at Easter. Peter Persson, real estate agents in Jakobson's Bjäre broker, provides a key explanation for the unusually large supply - that there was already a high supply in the market and there was a rather slow 2011 as many homes remain for sale. This years supply has just added to the over supply.

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