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Saturday, 02 July 2011
Economically, not very great news comes out of Denmark these days. The little stubborn Scandinavian economy used to boast of unemployment of 2 to 3 percent and trucks and trains load of Swedish workers used to be ferried over the �resund Bridge to work in Denmark. These days, things have changed.

The chance of finding a job quickly again if one becomes unemployment in Denmark has warned in recent years, the Danish political newspaper, Politiken writes on Saturday.


In 2007 about 43 percent of those who were unemployed got back to work within the first three months of unemployment. It is now well over 29 percent of the unemployed who find work within three months, according to figures from Danish Labour Market Authority

“The numbers say that the Danish labour market has found it difficult to escape from the crisis,” says chief analyst Frederik Pedersen of the Labour Movement (AE) to Politiken.

The labour market is weak, as unemployment rose from April to May of 2600, according to Statistics Denmark, which now has nearly 162,000 unemployed, after taking into account seasonal fluctuations. Over the past year, unemployment was otherwise starting to fall, since it peaked last summer with about 170,000 unemployed. The new figures are annoying to the government.

“That the unemployed have a harder time getting back rapidly to a job shows that we have a weak labour market, but that being said, there are several signs that things are going the right way,” admits minister for employment Inger St�jberg. She notes that there is great job turnover, the so-called job turnover - ie the number of Danes who takes a new job - as a positive sign.

“Job turnover has been increasing over the past three quarters. There are 10,000 people a week finding or changing jobs. These are very high turnover, and we have a dynamic labour market,” says Inger St�jberg.
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