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Norway's energy composition jumps as new method to extract abundant reserves developed.

Sunday, 04 December 2011
Oil country, Norway may have enormous amounts of energy stored on the seabed in the form of coal and methane hydrates, which was previously considered impossible extraction. According to news reports, new technology and approach will provide a new approach and new hope to extract it.


On the Norwegian continental shelf are large amounts of carbon and methane, according to reports. So far, the energy has been considered too difficult and uneconomical to extract.
Methane in the seabed is bound in ice - known as methane hydrates. To date there have been two ways to extract energy from the frozen gas, either by lowering the pressure or by increasing temperature, which in itself is energy hungry. When the ice melts, there is risk of formation collapse.
Now, the Norwegian researchers, Professor Arne Graue and Bjørn Kvamme, are steps closer to a solution, according news media reports. If methane ice is exposed to carbon dioxide this releases energetic methane while carbon dioxide is stored. According to Arne Graue energy production would thus become carbon neutral.
It is not fully clear how large the coal reserves found on the seabed is, but there are many indications that the potential is huge. As much as 3000 billion tonnes - more than the total amount of conventional coal stock in the world today - may be off the coast of Norway, according to a study conducted by Statoil.
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