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Monday, 04 July 2011
Swedish recruitment agencies are playing a leading role in increasing companies hiring needs more that would have been expected. This means that direct application for jobs advertised in companies or spontaneous application to companies might not be successful or would even be ignored.

As a result, it is also argue that people who are inactive may find it harder to find a job.
In the past, most companies had a well developed recruitment system that took care of new staff needs and processes to recruit them. But today, things have changed and companies have tended to outsource recruitment functions to other agencies. Then most companies are buying into this approach which involves the whole package, from advertising to testing candidates, interviewing candidates to choosing who finally gets the job, according to Henrik B�ckstr�m, the head of the Swedish Staffing Agencies.

However, most of the recruitments in the Swedish labour market are therefore via contacts. Between 60 and 70 percent of recruitment is believed to be unofficial, that is the jobs are either advertised and then the candidate know some one in the company who knows some one or the jobs are not advertised but filled through contacts via words of mouth, text to friends, relatives or thing like that.

Of the remainder, which can be considered the official recruitment, around half of the recruitment companies take them, according to estimates in the industry.


Ten years ago, recruitment assignments from external companies was worth Skr100 million - this year estimated figure show a ten fold growth - estimated at Skr1 billion, according to Staffing Agencies association

“Many jobs are very sophisticated today and there is the need to find the right skills. A second part is that companies and government agencies to a much lesser extent today, have the skills themselves to get the right people. Thirdly, one say that it has become more common in general buying services which is becoming the norm,” says Henrik B�ckstr�m to radio Sweden.

But he cautions that the recruitment companies could make it harder for that not in work to be able to find a job.

There are people, who would not have chance to get the help required from the big companies or those not qualified under the national employment service to get help, are likely not going to a new job. These are maybe, European migrant workers, foreign student with the needed skills but who cannot access the agencies, and such types of people.

The worker’s unions also see other risks when agencies companies own recruitments. Asa Johansson is a trend analyst at the worker’s union Unionen. She believes that when recruitment companies  becomes an intermediary between the company and the person that company hired, it is important for them to truly know what you're looking for. The company is responsible for whom they want to work for them, as such they do not have to leave it over to a recruiting firm. Some companies would pass responsibilities to the recruitment firms which can make the worker experience miserable. It is known that one major problem for companies are to out source risks associated with seeking the right candidate.

The risk she sees in this is that the recruitment agencies can hire the wrong people for the wrong reasons because the recruitment agencies have to pay for the basics.
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