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More Swedes choose to consume organic food

Tuesday, 13 March 2012
The Swedish people’s interest in organic products is growing. In 2011, sales were up for the fourth consecutive year, according to a report presented today.

Sales of organic products rose 11 percent last year. It was the fourth consecutive year that an increase was noted, according to a recent study by the organisation KRAV presented today. These are products with the KRAV logo which signifies 77 percent of organically grown product.

At the same time 220 farmers have began to grow,  according to KRAV, standard crops, meaning that they are grown without chemical such as pesticides, there are no unnatural additives with no environmental impact.

In total there are now 4042 Krav Certified farmers and around 6200 organic products with the largest number of organic farmers in the Western Götaland, 1056 individuals.

The Krav products that sell best are milk, eggs and coffee. Even bread, baby food and alcohol became popular as organic products.

A survey conducted earlier this month by polling organisation, Sifo, showed that one in five consumers would buy more Krav labelled food. It was also revealed that 53 percent buy Krav labelled food sometimes, and that 19 percent do it as often as they can.
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