More Swedes believe in fall in real estate prices


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Friday, 08 July 2011
The Swedish household has lost confidence in house prices and expectations for houses and condominiums market prices points to a falling territory, a confidence that is at their lowest level since summer 2009.

It appears from a survey carried out by a polling organisation Skop, release on Friday.
The expectation index for apartments prices, the difference between those who believe in higher and lower housing prices in a year, is now +27, which is nine points lower than in May.

For houses (detached, semi detached, Villa as know here) price expectation index was +28, also nine points lower than in May.


Associate Professor �rjan Hultaker, an analyst at the Skop, said in a statement that households' expectations of prices for houses and condominiums is now falling, and notes that the expectations index is now at its lowest level since summer 2009.

"There is a great risk that the downward trend continues with future interest rate hikes and the anxiety created by the debt crisis in many European countries, "says �rjan Hultaker.

The survey also shows that 59 percent of respondents would prefer to have fixed interest rates of their mortgages rather than the floating rate many have today. In May that view was unchanged in May
The survey questioned 1,000 people during the period June 17 to 30.
So, Swedish house prices have started falling!
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