More Danes invest in job hunting abroad as jobs and career opportunities dry at home


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Sunday, 17 July 2011
Things are tough in Denmark right now – especially in the job sector. As such the number of Danes looking for work aboard now has exploded as more Danes are brave enough to seek jobs elsewhere.
Figures obtained from Stepstone, a recruitment firm shows that it is not necessarily a gold mine to be posted abroad but more Danes really want to work out of the country at this moment.

It is also somewhat selective in the type of people who are seeking to work abroad. These are more educated Danes who have found the courage to venture out of their comfort zones to seek work abroad. Example of professionals getting on their bikes to look for work elsewhere are, those with IT and engineering background and about one-third interested in working abroad.


The new figures from Stepstone, which acts as mediator between the Danish job seekers and the foreign jobs through their internet portal, also give advice to the job seekers on how to plan for overseas job expedition.

Stepstone is represented in 11 different countries, and their latest survey shows that among the "most actively job seekers" in Denmark, IT people and engineers show about 30.7 percent in the interest of thse willing to emigrating for work
"Our experience is that in certain parts of the population there is a relatively strong interest in jobs abroad, and openness to foreign opportunities are increasing," says Danish Managing Director for StepStone, Bettina Ravn.

On the whole, for both professionals and young people, a total of 64.3 percent have signalled that they were willing to move abroad if they were offered a dream job. The desire to move to other countries was mainly about wages, job content and personal and professional development which are drying up in Denmark at the moment.

Scandinavian countries such as Sweden however, need lost of skills in the same area where most Danes love to migrate for – IT and engineers are in short supply in Sweden. For a Dane to live and work in Sweden is very good as they can still managing their various tax issues in Denmark but chronic housing shortages in Sweden would likely make the migrating Danes to rethink their alternatives.
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