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Immigrants with Degree in Finland do not guarantee a job even if there are vacancies.

Friday, 16 December 2011
Up to three-quarters of immigrants in Finland with a higher education are without jobs. A new doctoral dissertation indicates that language barriers, the generally poor situation in the job market and discrimination are among the problems faced by well-educated immigrants.


In many cases, degrees held by immigrants are not directly comparable to Finnish degrees.
"There is still not enough updating education and education for qualifications for these degrees to be recognized and comparable. If more resources were made available and in that way degrees were more easily made comparable, immigrants would be on the same starting line with Finns, as far as their degrees are concerned," says Henna Kyhä of the University of Turku, who wrote the dissertation entitled "Educated Immigrants in Employment Markets".
Just six percent of respondents found employment by the end of the year following their move to Finland, with about a third employed three years after moving here, Kyhä found. "Moving to Finland meant a decline in professional status to most people," she writes in the dissertation.
The study does show, though, that immigrants with degrees who do find employment often end up working in jobs that are commensurate with their education.
News source: Yle Finland

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