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How unemployed Swedes are taking away jobs from Norwegian youths

Thursday, 26 July 2012
"Immigrants come here and take our jobs," the Swedes always say most of the time when they see eastern Europeans. Now maybe is the time the Swedes go and take the jobs from other people, in their own countries.

This is actually, what is happening now. The Swedish job market that has jammed and stocked to the same place, producing high levels of unemployed hopeless people for a while now, while the economy as a whole enjoys growth, has forced the creative Swedish workers to seekers work abroad - in Norway.

Now the Swedes are being blamed for Norwegian youths having trouble getting part-time and summer jobs, according to a research project funded by the Norwegian employment department, Arbeidsdepartementet.

According to Camilla Sundt who wrote the report, the Swedes' entry into the labour market in Norway has made it particularly difficult for Norwegian youths of 17 - 18 years of age who apply for jobs for the first time to get anything.

It remains to see how the Swedes feel for being branded other people's tab takers. Some people say what goes around comes around.

Already similar factor has been blamed for the very high level of Swedish youth unemployment when Sweden threw open its border to the Easter Europeans in 2004. Employers would not have time and resources to train young people and motivate them to work when there is readily cheap and ready to go skilled labour.

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