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Heavy rainy semester forces Swedish people to record-breaking summer holidays to sunny areas

Friday, 13 July 2012
Sales for holiday trips to the sunny places are breaking all records. Since midsummer, 20 - 30 percent of trip to sunny places have been sold to Swedish people, more than the same period last year.

The weather during the period of midsummer was not very popular and thus many household in the country have decided to seek a warmer weather elswhere. Travelling organisations such as VING, are reporting increased demand as people seek their next escape.

"Many people are quite desperate and want to get away for any price. The high demand means that prices for last-minute travel is unusually high. They are on a par with the prices of travel to leisure places with housing," said Peter Hellstrom, information official the travel company, Fritidsresor.

This summer's winner is, therefore, those who took the opportunity to book between January and March. Then it was much of discounts.

The vast majority of customers now want to book with immediate departure, but must wait at least a week to get away. All previous flights now are sold out.

The best selling is Turkey, Majorca and Crete in Greece. The Swedish Krona also could be beneficial to those travelling abroad when compared to the Euros. The Krona has strengthened over the Euros in the past months, as the Swedish public finances remain stable while the Euro zone turmoil has put massive pressures on the Euros.
Even yesterday, the bank, Nordea in its market report accused the Swedish Krona of being over valued.

This will be good for the Swedish holidays makers abroad as they will pay cheaper for holidays and could buy cheaper presents when they get back home.
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