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In the Scandinavian countries things are done differently despite the fact that there might be some similarities in their ways of life. In Sweden for example, we know that there is a shortage of skill in certain sector and employers are looking going abroad to recruits. But in Norway, there is a growing call for a reduction in the recruitment of non EU citizens to their job market. Although no official law has been passed in Norway for that, an economic study show that there were looses made when non EU citizens where encouraged to come and work in the country. This therefore something we will be watching.


For Finland, situation there also are great for foreign workers but employers are fighting a battle with Unions especially in the construction sector where employer have been recruiting very cheap labour from abroad. The Union is not happy about this and the new powerfully rightwing party, the True Finns will see a reduction in the attraction of foreign workers. But Finland still attracts key foreign skills so it is fun checking some openings in that part of the subcontinent.

Denmark in not doing well right now but its employment rate is not that very low. But there are calls by employer there for the government to open up the borders for foreign worker to come in. Danish immigration policy is engineered by the right wing Danish People Party which is some disturbed about immigration. Therefore working in Denmark for EU citizens will be fine but for none EU citizens, the chances are very hard.

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