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Exclusion grows in the Swedish job market among the vulnerable group of the society

Tuesday, 27 December 2011
Just as we wrote earlier about leadership in politics today, the Swedish government had called on exclusion to be decreased or eradicated by end of 2006. The aim was that there should not be some types of people in Sweden whom the market should not accept them to be productive. 

But that had been more of a figment that facts as those who find it hardest to get jobs have increased and the increase is just continuing to rise, as eh economic uncertainty continues.

The Swedish employment Service (AMS) is able to properly analyse this issue and point that it is one of its greatest challenges since the 1990s crisis. The unemployed who have the hardest time finding a job are expected to grow from 220,000 to 260,000 in 2013.

“The group will grow and that's because we are entering a phase of bad times in the labour market. The 220,000 will find it even more difficult to find a job, of course,” says Tord Strannefors, job market analyst at the Swedish employment agency (AMS).

The group of people that will be affected are mostly those with overseas background – that people who are not Swedish – looking and to expand more on that people who have a darker shin colour. Also people who are said to be weakly educated, with only primary education, the elderly over 55 years, and the disabled.


Unemployed persons with disabilities have increased faster than they ever did in the Swedish labour history, according to AMS in its latest forecast. They are now nearly 69,000, which is 30 000 more than three years ago. It depends largely on the fact that many have been deemed active and transferred from receiving health insurance to the labour market in the auspices of AMS by the Government's reforms. Also those who lost their jobs during the crisis in 2008-2009 are also part of those who have been classed lost generation in the Swedish labour.

Immigrants have also risen sharply among the unemployed. One reason is the increased refugee immigration of overseas-born. The proportion of them classified as with no education qualifications in recent years has risen from 40 to 50 percent. Many might never get into the world of work warns AMS.

Youth unemployment is now higher than when the government took office in October 2006. It consists mainly of young people who have failed out of high school. Meanwhile, the number of young people with "early retirement" has doubled since 2005. The so-called activity allowance is given to young people under 30 with the problem, most often mental or other disability which reduces their working capacity.

The numbers are grim for the government who in 2006 won election to reduce exclusion from the labour market. When the bourgeois got the government in October 2006, the overall unemployment of these classes of people was 288 000. Five years later, the number has increased to 345 000.

“We have succeeded fairly well in the economic crisis to get closer to full employment,” says Finance Minister Anders Borg of the Moderate party.

But he points out that the number of early retirement decreased sharply, that sick leave has fallen and the number of employed increased. This has meant that the measure that the Ministry of Labour previously had on "exclusion" has worked and has decrease those traditionally kept out of the job market, i.e. the number of sickness, early retirement, unemployment, and disguised unemployment  as well as those under-employed.

According Swedish media report, figures Swedish news agency, TT produced shows that in reality, the level of exclusion decreased by about 150 000 people since October 2006. Disability benefits are expected to continue to decline in coming years.

The finance minister, Borg points out that people's total dependence on sick pay, disability pension, social assistance and unemployment declined.

“We have achieved the objectives Social Democrats set as goal but could not meet,” he says.
By Scancomark.se Team

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