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Demands for higher start up wages in the Swedish health care has an effect

Monday, 12 March 2012
Nursing students' demands for higher starting salaries in Sweden is now spreading to more parts of the country. In Stockholm, the petition is most organized and the campaign makes it harder for the council to get together the summer schedule.

In the Stockholm county council, Mary Englund, HR director says that “there are fewer who want to work as most would not agree on the salary. I assume that it is because there is the demanded for a base salary of about Skr24 000 a month in salary. We are somewhat late in the planning of the summer in terms time recruitment and human resources than in previous years,” she said.

 In addition to Stockholm and Umeň, according to Health Professionals, nursing students in Western G÷taland, Uppsala and Skellefteň adhered to the requirement to turn down jobs with monthly salary for less than Skr24 000.

Newly qualified nurses are important to bring in crews of the holiday season in many places and employers in Swedish municipalities and county council says it may be more expensive to recruit agency staff this year.

Spokesperson for the student’s appeal, Ulrika Blumfelds, said that “their request has already had an effect.”
“In late October, people were offered jobs with a salary of between Skr20 000 and Skr21 000. Now it will usually be in the region of Skr22 500 in all cases. And we have quite a few who now have been offered between Skr22 000 and Skr29 000,” she said to radio Sweden.

Nursing students' Campaign at higher starting salaries is supported by the various unions. This despite the fact that some of the members, who on average earn about 27 000, would probably rather want to see that those regular workers earn better wages.
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