Deep water cables will facilitate Swedish electricity supply to Lithuania


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Saturday, 02 July 2011
Despite persistent increase in electricity prices in Sweden, the country is still determined to sell some of its energy abroad. Such a move is that on going in which Lithuania and Sweden have joined forces to bring in Lithuania as a partner in the Nordic power exchange, Nord Pool Spot.
Therefore a power line will be built between the two countries. This is an alternative to energy from Russian in which Swedish electricity will supply Lithuania with a third of the country’s need, according to the strategy and development manager Simonas Šileikis at Litgrid, the Lithuanian equivalent of the Swedish state's power grid.

Lithuania has for the past two years been addicted to Belarusian and Russian electricity since EU membership forced it to close the Ignalina nuclear power plant. Since then, the power distribution system was unstable and unreliable.


Therefore, Lithuania’s great hopes for the new power line project “NordBalt” between Sweden and Lithuania, is expected to be operational at the turn of 2015 to 2016, reports radio Sweden

When the “NordBalt” project is clear Lithuania expects to receive a third of their electricity from Sweden. The project has been granted EU funding of Skr1.6 billion to get the Baltic region integrated into the European electricity market according to radio Sweden.

“It is also very important to note that the network is not only important for Lithuania but also Latvia and Estonia. We are three countries that were under Soviet power. The goal is in addition to a deregulated electricity market that Baltic countries become included in the Nordic power exchange,” says Mikael Odenberg who is Director General of the Swedish power grid to radio Sweden:

“It is important to tie the Baltic region into Europe's emerging internal electricity market.
This is important to the Swedish power grid n that:
 “We have a clear mandate from the government to press for market integration. And here we leave a very strong contribution to the integration of a nascent Baltic electricity market with the Nordic and European. And then, the project is very important for the Baltic security of energy supply,” says Mikael Odenberg to radio Sweden.
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