Danish stock market the C20 woke up negative but had now turned positive


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Monday, 08 August 2011
After a modest decline in the Danish shares at the opening of the stock exchange in Copenhagen 20 index now the index has moves to positive and now trading at 1.39 percent.

“It was so bad earlier this morning, but now it seems to have aligned,” said equity trader Tina Georgi from Jyske Bank to Danish radio.

The Danish shares open in the wake of the Asian exchanges, which began the week on Sunday night, European time trading negatively00.

The turmoil in the stock markets is in addition to the historical downgrade of U.S. credit rating and worries of the debt crisis in Italy and Spain.
The Danish stock index, the C20 fell on Friday to 3.7 percent. It was the tenth decline in a row, something that has not happened since 1992.
“Nervousness persists, but it seems that the price reaction is not quite as powerful as the first reports suggested”, says equities Tina Georgi.

The Danish Prime Minister last night said that the Danish economy is now designed to withstand any shocks or stress that will be heaped on it from broad. This might have given investors some extra confidence.

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