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Interest rates for Swedish household loans continues to fall

Danish bank up condition for mortgage application putting more dime on the miserable Danish real estate market
Tuesday, 27 March 2012
Danish banks have turned up their requirements for real estate purchase and are demanding better personal finances far beyond the general price increases. This is because both the Danish banks and their real estate sectors are in real stress at this moment.

A few years ago a nuclear family with two children could be required to have between Dkr10,000 to Dkr12,000 to live on while they shop for a house, that is, after fixed costs have been paid, the amount has now been raised to Dkr15,000 or even more.

A number of housing financial advisers find unanimously that many banks have tightened their credit terms so much that it amplifies the crisis on the already fragile housing market.
This could also signify that banks are at stress point right now and are trying to reduce risk from a very venerable area, real estate
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