Danes want Geiger counters to measure radioactivity


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Wednesday, 30 March 2011
After the Japanese nuclear meltdown, a new market seen to have been created - great demand for Geiger counters, which measure radioactivity.

“The order is probably as high as 50 pieces, which we usually sell five a year, says Ewa Henning-Tonder, leader of the online shop e-safe underwear.

The nuclear disaster in Fukushima has created a new line of customers to the product.
“They're worried and they want to ensure that there isn’t something in the air or their food, "says Ewa Henning-T�nder.

She may disappoint most customers, the Geiger counters were sold out 24 hours after the nuclear disaster, and it is difficult to obtain more.
“All suppliers, whether in Russia or the United States are out of stock and manufacturers can not keep up.”
There is perhaps not as much radiation in Denmark - but they have emptied the store  are there is more inquiries from places where they think they can get more supplied.
“We even receive mails all the way from Japan from people who wonder whether we have Geiger counters, and whether they can order them from here, "says Ewa Henning- T�nder
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